Florals in Abstract

Lou Anne Person

Large Format Florals
Alaskan Wildflowers Series

Pieces are on archival canvas using archival acrylics.  This art is "gallery-wrapped" (without frames), in order for the art to speak for itself.  The size of the art varies and is approximately 9 -10 sq. ft.  

Alaskan wildflowers are
some of the showiest yet
delicate flowers in the

Most pieces are approximately  16" x 20"
and 18" x 18".

Extreme close-ups of flowers result in abstracts and studies in almost nothing but color.
In order to break away from the realism of
her previous works, the artist has chosen to paint in blocks of color with just a hint of a petal, or fold to indicate what that flower may be.


From the rain forests of
Costa Rica to the dry
plains of Mexico and
the rich verdance of
Hawaii, tropical flowers
are exceedingly
sensual and exotic.

Pieces vary in size.